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bardeblah is a game, bringing intelligent good humoured debate to your local pub or bar. Suspend your judgment and enjoy the rhetoric of opposing arguments.


Building on the success of bardeblah as a pub game, we have developed the concept to offer a unique experience for up to 60 of your staff, as a structured event held after work in the private Ballroom at The Balham Bowls Club, one of south London’s finest pubs.


bardeblah is a good-humoured debating game set in the friendly atmosphere of a local pub. We create a environment where people can engage and socialise, at the same time as using their wits and being challenged to demonstrate their ability to appreciate and develop both sides of an argument.


The Format

Typically there are three debates over an evening, each lasting around 30 minutes, with a 15 minute break in between each debate. The bar will be open and good food available.

The subjects for a debate take the form of short Statements. We will tailor the Statements to suit your event, whether political, sociological or indeed subjects directly pertinent to your organisation. Statements will not require detailed prior knowledge or research.


The Outcomes

Participants are invited to suspend their judgement, listen, learn and appreciate the rhetoric of opposing and often controversial arguments. Often people have a ‘gut’ reaction to a Statement, but this process builds trust in a safe environment to explore other views, and indeed to express an opinion. Our experience has shown that some 25% of people change their minds after hearing both sides of an argument!

In summary, bardeblah is a great teambuilding, educational and personal development opportunity, as well as a fun event, which will certainly be remembered!


Our team will provide all the resources required to play the game, and the pub is able to provide a great menu and a variety of drinks.


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