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bardeblah is a game, bringing intelligent good humoured debate to your local pub or bar. Suspend your judgment and enjoy the rhetoric of opposing arguments.

Welcome to our feedback page. 

Would you like to submit a Statement for bardeblah? We're always looking for good suggestions and feedback, in particular for statements that will inspire wit and wisdom, and will get a lively discussion going amongst the drinkers.

Complete the form (below) to let us know any thoughts and ideas for statements, or for the latest innovation to our gameplay – the Soapbox Round. Each section has a description for what makes a good statement and soapbox pitch to help you. We look forward to your input…



Statements should be; short (one word to a short sentence); elicit a ‘gut feeling’; not require in-depth knowledge; be pertinent to most people; political, sociological, technological or environmental; be unequivocal, divisive, unambiguous; engaging, challenging and reasonably controversial with plenty of scope for opposing views and changing peoples’ minds; inspire passion and wit.


Soapbox Pitch:

If you’d like to pitch an idea to test in a bardeblah Soapbox Round to a friendly audience of drinkers, let us know what you’d like to talk about and we’ll consider you for the soapbox round. You’ll have 1 minute to deliver your idea from the soapbox, followed by a Q & A session with the drinkers culminating in a Vote: Good Idea or Bad Idea.

Leave your name so we can give you credit if your statement is chosen!
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