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bardeblah is a game, bringing intelligent good humoured debate to your local pub or bar. Suspend your judgment and enjoy the rhetoric of opposing arguments.

11st round main debate: ‘Re-nationalising water, power, rail, and Royal Mail services’BBC: General Election Special1st June 2017Good Idea
1bQuick-fire round – ‘Move Parliament to the Midlands’BBC: General Election Special1st June 2017Bad Idea
1c Quick-fire round – ‘Televised election debates’BBC: General Election Special1st June 2017Good Idea
1d Quick-fire round – ‘Linking Islamic terrorist attacks in the UK to domestic and foreign policy’BBC: General Election Special1st June 2017Good Idea
22nd round main debate: – '‘Increase taxation on people earning £80K+ a year’BBC: General Election Special1st June 2017Good Idea
2bQuick-fire round – ‘End the ban on new selective schools’BBC: General Election Special1st June 2017Good Idea
2c Quick-fire round – ‘Scrap Trident'BBC: General Election Special1st June 2017Good Idea
2dQuick-fire round – ‘End 1% pay cap on teachers’ pay rises'BBC: General Election Special1st June 2017Good Idea
2eGeneral Election Special Smarties Exit Poll Results – ‘5th UKIP, 4th GREEN, 3rd CONS, 2nd LIB DEMS, 1st LABOUR…’BBC: General Election Special1st June 2017n/a
11st round main debate: 'All internet transactions to have ‘opt-in’ consent for any and all data sharing'National Theatre26th April 2017Good Idea
1bQuick-fire round – ‘In cases of sexual violence the sexual history of the victim and the accused cannot be used in a trial'National Theatre26th April 2017Good Idea
11st round main debate: 'A snap General Election'BBC6th April 2017Bad Idea
1bQuick-fire round – ‘National Trust Easter Egg Hunt rebranded to Cadbury Egg Hunt'BBC6th April 2017Bad Idea
1c Quick-fire round – 'Stop NHS prescriptions for gluten free food'BBC6th April 2017Bad Idea
1d Quick-fire round – 'Fire David Moyes for his comment to Vicki Sparks'BBC6th April 2017Bad Idea
22nd round main debate: – 'Putting the Westminster terror attack on the front pages'BBC6th April 2017Good Idea
2bQuick-fire round – ‘George Osborne should step down as an MP'BBC6th April 2017Good Idea
2c Quick-fire round – 'no fault divorce'BBC6th April 2017Good Idea
1main debate: 'Political Correctness'National Theatre16th March 2017Good Idea
1bQuick-fire round – ‘Abolish The House of Lords'National Theatre16th March 2017Bad Idea
1b Quick-fire round – 'A snap General Election'National Theatre16th March 2017Bad Idea
1c Quick-fire round – 'Second Scottish Referendum on leaving the UK'National Theatre16th March 2017Bad Idea
1dQuick-fire round – 'Donald Trump to make a State Visit to the UK'National Theatre16th March 2017Bad Idea
11st round main debate: 'Abolish the House of Lords'BBC9th March 2017Bad Idea
1aQuick-fire round – ‘Increasing National Insurance contributions for self-employed'BBC9th March 2017Bad Idea
1b Quick-fire round – 'Swearing (as opposed to 'slurs' e.g. racist swear words)'BBC9th March 2017Good Idea
22nd round main debate: 'Political Correctness'BBC9th March 2017Bad Idea
2aQuick-fire round – 'The use of anonymous pseudonyms online'BBC9th March 2017Good Idea
2bQuick-fire round – 'Gap Years'BBC9th March 2017Good Idea
11st round main debate: 'Sex with robots'BBC9th February 2017Bad Idea
1aQuick-fire round – 'Valentine's Day'BBC9th February 2017Bad Idea
1b Quick-fire round – 'Dating Apps'BBC9th February 2017Good Idea
22nd round main debate: 'Giving money to homeless people begging on the street'BBC9th February 2017Good Idea
2aQuick-fire round – 'Theresa May being the 1st foreign leader to meet Donald Trump'BBC9th February 2017Bad Idea
2bQuick-fire round – 'On-line political Petitions'BBC9th February 2017Good Idea
11st round main debate: 'Tube/Train strikes'BBC12th January 2017Good Idea
1aQuick-fire round – 'Rupert Murdock taking control of a Sky TV'BBC12th January 2017Unanimous Bad Idea
1b Quick-fire round – 'New Years resolutions'BBC12th January 2017Good Idea
22nd round main debate: 'A 'phone box' to store phones during social occasions'BBC12th January 2017Bad Idea
2aQuick-fire round – 'Remain voters in the EU Referendum should accept and support the outcome'BBC12th January 2017Bad Idea
2bQuick-fire round – 'Minicab drivers must pass oral and written English exams to renew their license'BBC12th January 2017Bad Idea
11st round main debate: ‘Means test healthcare on the NHS’BBC1st December 2016Unanimous Bad Idea
1aQuick-fire round – 'Tony Blair to make a come back in British politics'BBC1st December 2016Bad Idea
1b Quick-fire round – 'Welcome Donald Trump on a State visit to the UK’BBC1st December 2016Good Idea
22nd round main debate: ‘Artificial Intelligence’BBC1st December 2016Good Idea
2aQuick-fire round – ‘High Street shops to close on Boxing Day'BBC1st December 2016Good Idea
2bQuick-fire round – ‘Re-brand Christmas to Winter Holidays’BBC1st December 2016Bad Idea
1a1st Quick-fire round – ‘Night Clubs should be held responsible for the overdose-deaths of clubbers’ National Theatre24th November 2016Bad Idea
1b2nd Quick-fire round – ‘Cryopreservation of Human Bodies’National Theatre24th November 2016Bad Idea
2Main debate: ‘’Opt-out’ organ donation system’National Theatre24th November 2016Good Idea
11st round main debate: ‘Spotify’BBC3rd November 2016Good Idea
1aQuick-fire round – 'Child free zones on aircraft' BBC3rd November 2016Good Idea
1b Quick-fire round – 'FIFA banning footballers from wearing a Poppy on Armistice Day’BBC3rd November 2016Bad Idea
22nd round main debate: ‘The Pill’BBC3rd November 2016Good Idea
2aQuick-fire round – ‘Companies encouraging a 30 minute daily walk for employees during work time'BBC3rd November 2016Good Idea
2bQuick-fire round – ‘Guy Fawkes Night'BBC3rd November 2016Good Idea
11st round main debate: 'Airbnb' BBC6th October 2016Good Idea
1aQuick-fire round – 'Parents taking children on holiday during term-time' BBC6th October 2016Draw
1b Quick-fire round – 'Wearing a badge to indicate your willingness to chat on Public Transport’BBC6th October 2016Bad Idea
22nd round main debate: 'Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader'BBC6th October 2016Good Idea
2aQuick-fire round – 'Closing Fabric nightclub'BBC6th October 2016Bad Idea
2bQuick-fire round – ‘Protect London's Black Cabs'BBC6th October 2016Draw
1a1st Quick-fire round – 'Ban smart-phones in schools' National Theatre29th September 2016Good Idea
1b2nd Quick-fire round – 'Compulsory sex and relationship education in schools'National Theatre29th September 2016Good Idea (unan)
2Main debate: 'Lower the voting age to 16'National Theatre29th September 2016Good Idea (unan)
11st round main debate: 'People’s right to move freely between the UK and the EU' BBC16th June 2016Good Idea
1aQuick-fire round – 'Health & Safety, Employment law, and Consumer Standards should be decided by the UK government' BBC16th June 2016Bad Idea
1b Quick-fire round – 'Negotiate our own trade agreements with the rest of the world' BBC16th June 2016Bad Idea
22nd round main debate: 'The Referendum on EU Membership' BBC16th June 2016Bad Idea
2aQuick-fire round – 'Imagine we are not an EU member: Join the EU now' BBC16th June 2016Good Idea
2b Bardeblah EU Referendum Special Exit Poll result – Leave 7%, Remain 93%…BBC16th June 2016Remain wins
11st round main debate: Sadiq Khan sharing a platform with people who have Muslim extremist views BBC5th May 2016Good Idea
1aQuick-fire round – Tax owners of vacant London propertiesBBC5th May 2016Good Idea
1bYou’re Fired round – Ken LivingstonBBC5th May 2016Bad Idea
22nd round main debate: Abolish 60+ Oyster Card allowing free travel for over 60's in LondonBBC5th May 2016Good Idea
2aQuick-fire round – Ban heavy lorries from inner London during daylight hoursBBC5th May 2016Good Idea
2b Bardeblah Mayoral Exit Poll Results – Sadiq 81%; Sian 9%; Caroline 6%; Zac 3%; Peter 0%BBC5th May 2016Sadiq wins
1 1st round debate: The Monarchy BBC21st April 2016Bad Idea
1a1st Quick-fire round: Abolish Inheritance TaxBBC21st April 2016Bad Idea
1b2nd Quick-fire round: Legalise CannabisBBC21st April 2016Good Idea
22nd round debate: Government spending £9m on a leaflet campaigning for the 'IN' voteBBC21st April 2016Bad Idea
2a 3rd Quick-fire round: Publish everyone's Tax Return onlineBBC21st April 2016Draw
1 1st Quick-fire round: Sugar Tax on Fuzzy DrinksBFS14th April 2016Good Idea
1b2nd Quick-fire round: Legalise CanabisBFS14th April 2016Bad Idea
1 1st round debate: All Schools to become Academies BBC24th Mar 2016Unanimous Bad Idea
1aYou’re-fired round: George Osborne…BBC24th Mar 2016Good Idea
1bQuick-fire round: Extend Sunday high street shop opening hoursBBC24th Mar 2016Bad Idea
22nd round debate: Junior Doctors to stage A&E walkoutBBC24th Mar 2016Good Idea
2aQuick-fire round: President Obama to speak in UK Westminster Hall in favour of staying in the EUBBC24th Mar 2016Bad Idea
1 1st round debate: Regulated brothels BFS17th Mar 2016Good Idea
1aQuick-fire round – President Obama to speak in the UK parliament in favor of staying in the EUBFS17th Mar 2016Good Idea
1bQuick-fire round – Legalise cannabisBFS17th Mar 2016Draw
22nd round debate: All schools to become AcademiesBFS17th Mar 2016Bad Idea
2aQuick-fire round – School uniformsBFS17th Mar 2016Good Idea
2bQuick-fire round – Sugar Tax on Fizzy DrinksBFS17th Mar 2016Good idea
1 1st round debate: Expansion of London airports BBC25th Feb 2016Draw
1aQuick-fire round – Breakfast and afterwork employee meetingsBBC25th Feb 2016Bad Idea
1bQuick-fire round – GoogleboxBBC25th Feb 2016Good Idea
22nd round debate: Personal phones on tables at social occasionsBBC25th Feb 2016Bad Idea
2aQuick-fire round – HoroscopesBBC25th Feb 2016Bad Idea
2bQuick-fire round – NaturismBBC25th Feb 2016Good idea
1 1st round debate: Buy To LetBFS11th Feb 2016Draw
1aQuick-fire round – Compulsory Sex Education in SchoolsBFS11th Feb 2016Good Idea
1bQuick-fire round – Buy One Get One Free Deals in SupermarketsBFS11th Feb 2016Good Idea
22nd round debate: UberBFS11th Feb 2016Bad Idea
2aQuick-fire round – Junior Doctors Going On StrikeBFS11th Feb 2016Good Idea
2bQuick-fire round – Top GearBFS11th Feb 2016Draw
1 1st round debate: TV License FeeBBC28th Jan 2016Good Idea
1aQuick-fire round – Someone else taking a speeding fine/pointsBBC28th Jan 2016Bad Idea
1bQuick-fire round – Sympathy strikes – secondary action in support or other UnionsBBC28th Jan 2016Good Idea
22nd round debate: Trident without the nuclear warheadsBBC28th Jan 2016Good Idea
2aQuick-fire round – Ban Donald Trump from the UKBBC28th Jan 2016Bad Idea
2bQuick-fire round – Robot tills in SupermarketsBBC28th Jan 2016Bad Idea
1Christmas Special debate – Bombing ISIS in SyriaBBC3rd Dec 2015Bad Idea
1aQuick-fire round – The National AnthemBBC3rd Dec 2015Bad Idea
1bQuick-fire round – Total Ban on Smoking In PrisonsBBC3rd Dec 2015Bad Idea
2Christmas Special debate 2nd Round – Secret SantaBBC3rd Dec 2015Good Idea
2aQuick-fire round – Father Christmas/Santa ClausBBC3rd Dec 2015Good Idea
2bQuick-fire round – Christmas lights and DecorationsBBC3rd Dec 2015Good Idea
1 Election Special debate – Private companies should be able to compete for all NHS contractsBBC6th May 2015Bad Idea
1aQuick-fire round – We should invest £100 billion to renew the Trident nuclear weapon systemBBC6th May 2015Bad Idea
1bQuick-fire round – The tax rate on personal income above £150,000 should increase to 50%BBC6th May 2015Good Idea
2Election Special debate – University tuition fees should be abolishedBBC6th May 2015Good Idea
2aQuick-fire round – There should be a limit on the amount landlords can increase rent each yearBBC6th May 2015Good Idea
2bQuick-fire round – Scrap UK Overseas Aid (including disaster relief funds)BBC6th May 2015Bad Idea
3Election Special Skittle/M&M Poll results: UKIP 4%, Lib Dems 10%, Con 10%, Green 12%, Lab 64%…BBC6th May 2015n/a
1A&E departments should charge to treat self-inflicted and trivial injuriesBBC9th April 2015Bad Idea
2Introduce an opt-out system for organ donation after deathBBC9th April 2015Good Idea
3Pre-election Skittle poll results: UKIP 0%, Lib Dems 6%, Green 24%, Conservative 35%, Labour 35%…BBC9th April 2015n/a
1ReligionBFS26th March 2015Bad Idea
2Random drug testing in Schools/Work placeBFS26th March 2015Bad Idea
3Academies and Free SchoolsBBC12th March 2015Good Idea
2(Quick-fire round) – Ban Jeremy Clarkson from the BBCBBC12th March 2015Good Idea
3All Rail services should be re-nationalisedBBC12th March 2015Good Idea
1Raising the retirement ageBFS26th Feb 2015Bad Idea
2Smoking ban in open-air public placesBFS26th Feb 2015Good Idea (by 1 vote)
1State Funding of the ArtsBBC12th Feb 2015Good Idea
2Assisted reproductive technology for sex selectionBBC12th Feb 2015Bad Idea
1Random drug testing in schools & workplacesBFS29th Jan 2015Bad Idea
2Creative Arts DegreesBFS29th Jan 2015Good Idea
1Black FridayBBC4th Dec 2014Bad Idea
2Christmas TreesBBC4th Dec 2014Good Idea
1Assisted SuicideBFS20th Nov 2014Good Idea
2Adoption of children by homosexualsBFS20th Nov 2014Good Idea
1Unpaid InternshipsBBC13th Nov 2014Bad Idea
2Ched Evans should play for Sheffield United againBBC13th Nov 2014Bad Idea
1Lower the voting age to 16BBC16th Oct 2014Good Idea
2Bottled Water - where fresh clean water available on tapBBC16th Oct 2014Bad Idea
1Space ExplorationBBC18th Sept 2014Bad Idea
2Scotland should be an independent countryBBC18th Sept 2014Bad Idea (unanimous)
1Water Cannon are about to be deployed for use in LondonBBC17th Jul 2014Bad Idea
2Promises made by political parties in order to get elected should be legally bindingBBC17th Jul 2014Bad Idea
1Voting in elections should be mandatoryBBC4th Jun 2014Good Idea
2MP’s should not be permitted to hold other jobs including consultancies and directorshipsBBC4th Jun 2014Good Idea
1Government and big business should have quotas to ensure that top positions are held by a more equal number of man and womenBBC15th May 2014Good Idea
2It has been proposed that people pay £10.00 to visit their GPBBC15th May 2014Bad Idea
1Companies should agree not to contact employees outside working hours except in the case of an emergencyCaer Llan2nd May 2014Good Idea
2Prisoners should be allowed to vote in electionsCaer Llan2nd May 2014Good Idea
1Some NHS Trusts are moving towards withdrawing treatment from people with lifestyle related diseases eg. smoking or drinkingBBC16th Mar 2014Bad Idea
2TwitterBBC16th Mar 2014Good Idea
3Vodaphone, Google, Starbucks, Amazon and many other household names pay little or no Corporation Tax. We should boycott their products and servicesBBC16th Mar 2014Good Idea
4The government should focus in on tax avoidance on behalf of global corporationsBBC16th Mar 2014Good Idea

BBC = Balham Bowls Club

NT = National Theatre

BFS = Bald Faced Stag (East Finchley)

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