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bardeblah is a game, bringing intelligent good humoured debate to your local pub or bar. Suspend your judgment and enjoy the rhetoric of opposing arguments.


bardeblah is a game, bringing intelligent debate to the open minded and good humoured atmosphere of your local bar or pub - listen, learn, take part and appreciate the rhetoric of opposing and often controversial arguments and views put forward by the bardeblah teams and others, that explore contemporary political and social issues through succinct two sided debates about a Statement.

Meet people, share views, listen to and appreciate both sides of an argument, make your point, what's your gut feeling? Which team has made the argument that has persuaded you?

Each debate is centered around a Statement and involves two bardeblah teams, a Bard (Chair) and the Drinkers who are involved in selecting the Statement, airing views, questioning the teams and then voting at the end of the debate - good idea : bad idea.

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